Saturday, July 5, 2014

Swim, baseball, archery, kids

The kids had some private swim lessons. In this video you can see Brynn and Caleb for a bit.

 Went to a Bees game. The kids had fun running around the grass and we ate some yummy food.
 One day I did Brynn's hair in a high pony tail. I thought it was cute so I lifted her up to the mirror. She said in a blunt voice, "I look like Mulan."
Brynn's preschool backpack came in the mail. She talks about putting books in it, learning her letters, things she'll show Miss Nicole and has even picked out what she wants to bring to show and tell: 3 toy ponies. Though she will pick up other things and say she wants to bring them too.
  Here I just wanted to take a picture of Talia with her pacifier. She is off and on with liking it.
 Can't you just eat that face? So cute!

Tummy time happens a lot now because she has been rolling about a week. She usually wants to go to her tummy as soon as I lay her on her back. She actually does it a lot faster than in this video
 The boys have pulled out the baseball stuff recently.
 Brynn and Derrick had a date to the pet store where Brynn got a beta fish. She named him Ben after her swim teacher.
 Caleb loves to mow with Derrick, he follows him around on Derrick's exact path. It's heart warming. So, when the toy lawn mower broke Derrick found a real one for $10, took off the blade and motor, spray painted styrofoam black to look like a motor and put the plastic piece on top. Unfortunately, Caleb couldn't push it on the grass. He did push it around the cul-de-sac once. So we bought him another toy lawn mower. I just had to put this down to show how much love Derrick has for the kids in trying to make them happy. I have such a good husband!
 We pulled out the archery stuff again. Brynn is even having fun with it, though Derrick does all the work :)
Oh and I have strep throat now. Went to the doctor after reading online that I had every symptom listed for strep throat. Sure enough, I tested positive. On some antibiotics and hopefully will be all better soon.

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