Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Week

It definitely was a week long event! Monday was family night and we made Halloween treats with oreo spiders and Frankenstein rice krispie treats. The kids had fun with that.
Tuesday Derrick's work had a party then we took Derrick to Cornbelly's with us. It was fun to share that with him too!
Wednesday was our ward Halloween party. The kids had fun playing all the games and of course the love being out of the house.
Thursday, Halloween, was great. Derrick took the kids out and I stayed home and handed out candy. Derrick said Brynn told everyone that she was "Tangled."
Caleb told me after I took this picture that he was making a pirate face. I love how he likes to play the part.

Kid #3 was my little speed bump. When Caleb saw my costume for the first time, he was way excited . He said, smiling really big, "You're a road!" He asked me what the sign said and I told him. He kept going up to me, pointing at the sign and reading it.

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