Saturday, November 10, 2012

Winter is a grand old time...

Caleb was so excited for the snow to come and boy did it come! The deepest snow was probably about 8 inches but mostly it was about 3 inches. It didn't stop snowing for about a day and a half. Caleb begged to help me shovel the snow off the driveway yesterday. Then today he wanted to sled, build a fort and build a big snowman. Here's the fort:
He loved sledding too! It is so nice to have a little hill in our backyard so we don't have to go anywhere to sled. We actually went to Walmart this morning and bought this sled. The whole time we were shopping Caleb said, "Don't forget the sled."

I didn't get any videos of Brynn in the snow because she was very needy. She was super timid of the snow at first and didn't like it at all. Once we cleared some of the ground away and I took her down the sledding hill, she started to ask to go sledding again. And when I got the window to the fort built she loved looking through it and saying, "I see you." Then we sent Brynn and Caleb down in the sled together they fell over (Brynn face first in the snow) at the end of the hill and Brynn was just crying and miserable. We went inside at that point and had a nice warm bath. All better!
Brynn has been feeding herself for a while but I finally got a video of it:
Also, Derrick had to go to a Young Men ice skating activity and brought Caleb with him because he wanted to spend more time with Caleb. The cool thing about it is they went to the Olympic Skating Park. One lap was so big there were 2 hockey rinks in the middle of the track. Derrick stood behind Caleb and held his hands. After one lap Derrick worried Caleb was tired so he took him out but Caleb quickly asked, "Why are we stopping?" They went around a few more times. Caleb had a blast!

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