Saturday, November 24, 2012


 Just like last year we had Thanksgiving at our house. The only difference is that James wasn't there :(
The food was good:
 The kids loved having family around to play with all the time. Caleb loved that Gram let him watch fun shows on her Kindle:
 Jenna read a lot of books to Brynn, especially one called DW All Wet. She probably read that one 2 dozen times because Brynn loved it so much. Jenna also taught Caleb a new song. After only singing it about 5 times Caleb knew this much of it:

Brynn knew this much:
We also went to Salt Lake City. Jenna and the parents went to an art museum while the rest of us went to the children's discovery museum. Then we met for lunch at Denny's. Lastly we hiked Ensign peak. This is the mountain top Brigham Young hiked, with a few other people, 2 days after the pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. He surveyed the area and planned out how the valley should be organized. It was at most a mile long hike (luckily you can drive up pretty far) but it was steep. Caleb did great. We hurt a little from having to carry Brynn but it wasn't too bad. The view was amazing though!
I loved playing games at night together and going to the temple together today. The family left tonight and are driving through the night to miss the traffic tomorrow.
I'll post my mom's pictures soon!

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