Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Few Things

Above, Caleb made a road with Rumicube tiles and a parking lot at the end (by the time I took the picture Brynn had gotten to it--it used to look better). The holder for the tiles Caleb said was the bleachers. We didn't even know he knew what bleachers were. You can even see he set his construction worker in the stands. He is so creative!
Before I took the following video Brynn was growling, I didn't get much of it, you will just hear one small one. It was pretty funny though.

  • I made a fort with Caleb with blankets on the side of our bed. Later, when I was gone, he asked Derrick to make a fort. Derrick wasn't doing it the way I did and Caleb was frustrated by this. He told Derrick, "That's not pretty good."
  • This one is a sadder story: This morning Caleb woke up crying. I ran in and after he calmed down a little he told me there were bees in his room. He was a little confused when he looked around and didn't see any. He told me they must have flown outside through a "little hole." I'm sure he was dreaming. This was the first time he has ever told me about a dream, though I think to him it was real.

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