Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Caleb is Amazing!

I had to write this story down because it is the most impressive thing I have ever seen happen with Caleb:
James and Jenna came over for dinner on Sunday night. In the middle of dinner, with no prompting, Caleb looks at Jenna and asks, "How your test go last week?" Jenna looked confused like, did he really ask me that? She answered that it went well. Then Caleb asked, "What you learn?" I think my jaw dropped at that point. Jenna responded with something, I can't even remember any more but I did tell Jenna to tell Caleb about how she reads books. So, Jenna told him she reads a lot of books and she is learning how to write books. Caleb looked at her the whole time she was talking.
A few minutes later Caleb goes and grabs one of his favorite library books right now and takes it to Jenna telling her, "This about a helicopter that rescue a pony." It was like he thought she would be interested in it because he understood that she likes books.
Isn't that what we would do? If someone told us in a conversation that they liked reading, we would ask if they read one of our favorite books. I feel like some adults haven't even learned this yet: the concept of showing interest in someone else. This is something that Derrick's family is so good at and I'm trying to be better at. Caleb is an amazing little boy!
On another note, Brynn can crawl up steps now. We just went and bought a fence last night to block the stairs. When Brynn saw it this morning she cried, but it's for her own good.

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