Saturday, February 25, 2012

Caleb Stories and Jenna Birthday

Caleb stories:
  • We were reading ABC books. At the letter P, Caleb says, "P is for pee pee." He couldn't stop saying that and laughing through the rest of the letters. Potty jokes already!
  • Before Caleb takes a bath we have him sit on the potty. One time this week he looked really excited and said, "I go pee pee." I looked in and didn't see anything but he was convinced he went. He was so excited I said, "Good job Caleb" and put him in the bath. After the bath I gave him a piece of licorice (our reward for going) and he was so proud. He even let Brynn suck on the end of it for a minute.
  • Two Sundays ago Caleb came home from church with a coloring book he made saying, "Jesus created the earth." It had pictures of things on the earth. I asked Caleb, "Did Jesus create the earth?" Caleb responded yes. I asked what Jesus created on the earth. Caleb said, "Animals. Zebra. Elephant." It was so cute to see him learning the gospel!
Last Sunday James and Jenna came over and we celebrated Jenna's 20th birthday!

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