Saturday, February 18, 2012

Caleb is a Funny Boy

  • Caleb likes to color pictures and put them on the fridge. A few days ago he stapled a post-it note and stuck it to the fridge. I guess it was art to him.

  • When we tell Caleb it is time for bed he says, "It not time Cabib go to bed yet."
  • Yesterday I asked Brynn if she liked going to Grandma's house. Caleb looks over at me and says, "Bwynn can't talk Mommy."
  • This is a sweet one: as Derrick and I were leaving Caleb's room Caleb said, "Mommy, give me a kiss. Silly." I had given him a kiss, earlier than right before we left the room. He must have forgotten that and thought it was silly that I would have forgotten to remember the last part of bedtime routine.

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