Friday, September 9, 2011

New Place

We've moved, and we finally got internet last night. I'll post pictures of the actual house later but here's a start. This is what our back yard opens up to. It's nice to have the beautiful view and still be in a residential area.

We are at the top of a culdesac and there are kids all around. There is a boy next door just one month younger than Caleb! Every evening we go out there are kids in the street riding bikes and scooters and playing with toys. Our neighbors are super friendly and have welcomed us with friendly gestures (inviting me to a church activity I didn't know was going on, giving food gifts, offering to pick and eat food from their garden, etc.).
We have a trampoline in our backyard, which Caleb enjoys (he also loves the neighbor's toy gun that he is holding):

We've heard that in the field there have been mice and snakes and coyotes but our neighbor has 4 cats for the mice (which also keep the snakes away) and a big dog for the coyotes. That makes me glad because I don't want animals. Hopefully those neighbors don't move away!
Here was a little video I took during the actual move:

Whenever we leave Caleb always says, "Back, new house." He loves to explore the new house and play with all the toys he forgot he had. That will wear off soon but it is fun for now. He also loves the local park, it is BIG.
Here is a picture and video I took before and after the move:

Little Miss Brynn is now 5 months old and a happy little girl. The 5-year-old girl next door saw Brynn and asked, "What are those bumps on her legs?" Yes, those are fat rolls. She is chubby, but you just wait until she starts crawling. They will be gone before we know it. Here is her million dollar smile:

Our new address is:
618 W Canteloupe Ct.
Saratoga Springs, UT 84045

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