Thursday, August 4, 2011


-We were singing Caleb his nighttime songs. While singing "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" we let him sing the last word of every phrase (we do this a lot and he knows it well now). He did good through the first verse but then he was getting distracted by a toy tractor and not saying all the words. At the end of the song we sang, "Yes, I know Heavenly Father loves..." Caleb finished the phrase by singing the word "tractor." Yes Caleb I'm sure Heavenly Father loves tractors.
-It was Kent's birthday last week. Now whenever we pull out a desert Caleb sings, "Happy to you. Happy to you."
-I'm always asking Caleb, "Do you want to help me" and "Do you want to come with me." Now if I start to do something without asking Caleb first he says, "Help me" and "With me". He means, "I want to help you" or "Go with you."
-There was a neighborhood watch party on Tuesday night where a fire truck came. Caleb oooed and awwed over it. That night as he was falling asleep we heard him saying, "Fire twuck. Wheeoooo, wheeoooo."

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