Monday, June 20, 2011

Photo Shoot

I wanted to take some newborn pics of Brynn and 2 year pics for Caleb. Lisa has a friend from high school with a nice camera and he loves to take pictures. We set up a little make up studio in the kitchen and took some pictures there and in the backyard. I think they turned out so well! Brynn is a month and a half in these pictures so it's not brand new but it's close enough for me. I didn't show Derrick the pictures until yesterday for Father's Day. I printed out my favorites and put them in a frame for a decoration for our new home, whenever we get one.


Angie said...

What cute kids! We tried a two-kid photo shoot this weekend with my mom's nice camera, and it was mostly a bust because Hazel will NOT sit still and look at the camera. I am envious of all the great shots you have of Caleb. What a gorgeous boy!

Cassie said...

So cute! I love your baby's hair accessory in these pictures--just darling.