Monday, June 27, 2011

"Painting" and Pool

We refinished the used swing set Derrick's parents just bought. Caleb loved to help paint. We gave him some paint in the lid as you can see in this video but he soon realized others were getting paint straight from the bucket and he wanted nothing more to do with the lid. He got pretty dirty but he had fun. The day after we did it he was showing Derrick everywhere he "painted."

We had a fun Saturday night. We went to the community pool. I stayed out of the pool with Brynn and Caleb had fun with everyone else. One of his favorite things to do was watch the kids come down the medium sized water slide. He also loved the water shooting out of the ground. I was surprised to see him jump from the edge of the water into Grandpa's arms.

Brynn is doing well. She is an allstar sleeper. I thought Caleb was good with sleeping through the night at 2 1/2 months, Brynn did that before she even hit 2 months. She loves to lay on the floor and look at lights. She is often more happy on the floor than in our arms, go figure that one out. Caleb is still so sweet with her. He will often stop when he is walking by her and say, "Hi Bwynn."

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