Thursday, March 10, 2011


The first picture is of me. Why you ask, because I was an 8 month pregnant bridesmaid for my friend, Annette's wedding on Saturday.

Mom, this picture is for you...the Bresee to enlarge:

The other big reason why we went was because Derrick's sister Julie is getting married in two weeks and I won't be able to go because I will be too far along in my pregnancy, which is so sad. However, I was able to go to Julie's bridal shower and see her in her dress. Here's a picture from the bridal shower:

Derrick's top priority in Utah...skiing. He went on Tuesday and it was perfect. The night before he went there was 18" of fresh snow fall and while he was skiing it was sunny and not too cold. His dad joined him for the last hour and a half.

On Sunday my siblings came up from BYU to have dinner with Derrick's family. It was nice to see them. That day Caleb only got a 15 minute nap in the car, so, by dinner time he was exhausted. Here's him in a daze:

On Monday we went down to BYU to see the Carl Bloch exhibit. Derrick's parents took Caleb to the Wilkinson Center and entertained him while we went on our own. The paintings were beautiful.
Then we all went to the Monte L. Bean Science Museum. We thought Caleb would like it more than he did but there were still a few things that interested him: the stairs and the trucks in the toddler play area. He did like seeing the animals when we first walked in but he was just tired. It was alright though, he is now adjusted to Utah time and that time will be our daylight savings time on Saturday night, so we're just going to keep him on that schedule for a few days and we'll all be good.

That night Derrick's college friend Patrick came over and we had a little jam session. It was fun to play with someone on the guitar again. It had been a while.

Funny pic (Can you see the two cats? This is how the cats are when the kids move out of the house, or so I hear):

Caleb loved the cats but they didn't return the love. They were always peaking around the corners to see if Caleb was there before they came out. When he saw them and started running toward them, they would run away.

Overall it was a fun trip. We love seeing family and it is so nice to get closer to them through talking and playing games and doing fun things together.

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