Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I love Caleb, he loves me

Caleb and I were looking at videos on the camera, then Caleb wanted me to take a video of him. Here is what he did:

Since he started saying his numbers I asked him to count. He never says 6 or 7 so I always do the filling in:

Little Things to Remember:
1. Derrick took Caleb to a baptism while I was at my baby shower. As they were leaving the house Caleb called out "Mom, Mom." He wanted me to come. When they got to the church Caleb heard the prelude music on the piano and got really excited saying, "Mom, Mom." He was disappointed when he saw it wasn't me. I love that he loves me and shows it.
2. Caleb gets scared. When there is a loud part on his Cars movie for instance, he yells out, "Mom" and comes running to me. I will go and sit with him until the "scary" parts are over.
3. Caleb is so loving. Whenever I ask for a hug, he will usually come give me one, then he has to give Derrick one too. He can't give one parent a hug or a kiss without giving one to the other.

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Amber said...

He is getting so big! And he is so darned adorable!