Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Tuesday

I felt all ready for my first baby appointment now that I knew what to expect. I knew they did an ultrasound on the first appt. so this time we had Derrick come too so he could see it. I got an early morning appointment but when I got there I found out this office does it differently than my last office. A nurse sees you on the first appt and goes over info, schedules future appts. and I get lab work done. There wasn't a doctor appointment open until 11:30am. We decided Derrick would take the day off since he wanted to be there and we had the missionaries over for dinner that night...otherwise he wouldn't get 8 hours of work in. So we went home for an hour and a half and then went back to the doctor's office.

The actual ultrasound is so much better than the picture. The limbs and torso were so much clearer and its perfect little heart was beating strongly. When I saw him or her the spirit overcame me. I am, quite frankly, terrified to have another newborn baby (I wasn't at all scared with Caleb)...but now I know the horrors that very little sleep does to my head, the blackouts I experienced, the 8 weeks of healing...and it makes me scared. But when I saw this little baby, laying there quietly inside me (Caleb was active and moving around for this ultrasound), I couldn't help but feel peace. He or she was meant to come to us and I am grateful for that confirmation.
When we got home, Caleb went down for a nap and Derrick and I read Harry Potter. This is Derrick's first go around with them and he is loving them. We are on the fourth book and we always want to be is so fun.
Later that day while I was preparing dinner Derrick took Caleb out of the house and as they were coming up the stairs Derrick yells out to grab the camera. Here's what I saw:

It was a hot day so Derrick decided to take Caleb out for a play in the hose. Caleb thoroughly enjoyed himself as he always does when it comes to water.
We had the missionaries over for dinner, that night we got some chores done and we read some more Harry Potter. Later that night Derrick got an e-mail saying that everyone in his organization was getting an extra day off for good performance! We were wary of taking the day off and when we got this e-mail, it was like someone was saying, "See, you were supposed to take today made the right decision!" We had a great day!

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