Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Week of Nursery

I forgot until now that I wanted to post about Caleb's first week in nursery at church. True, he still has a few weeks to go until he is 18 months but Derrick and I both have callings in primary so we got the okay from the nursery leader to bring Caleb in early.
I took him in and brought him over to the tables where the kids could play with toys. He sat right down in the chair without me even asking him. He was just fine as I left the room. I go back to primary, go through opening exercises and then at the end of junior primary singing time I see one of the nursery leaders come in with Caleb whose face was red like he had been crying. The nursery leader handed Caleb off to a friend until I was done with singing time.
I got Caleb and headed back to nursery with Caleb to see what happened. They said when he had someone's full on attention he was fine but whenever he was with the group of kids he would slowly break into tears. I played with him and the other kids until I had to go back to do senior primary singing time. Luckily when I left they were getting to snack time and Caleb sat right down at ate with the other kids.
I did singing time then came back to nursery to see Caleb sitting in a rocking horse, happily sucking on a plastic doughnut. I heard that all of snack time and play time he did great. I watched him play until the end of church and he did really well playing with the other kids. I think he will get adjusted to nursery very quickly.

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