Sunday, August 29, 2010

Utah Trip AND...

Alright, we're letting this out early but we are 8 weeks pregnant. It got out to almost the whole Isaacson family so we'll just let everyone know...yes Mom and Dad, feel free to tell whoever you want.
Caleb's travel clothes to Utah consisted of bright blue shorts and a shirt I made that said, "April 10th, 2011" on the front and "Big Brother in Waiting" on the back. That's how we broke the news to Derrick's family. Everyone on the plane and at the restaurant we went to when we got to Utah thought the shirt was adorable. Note: Caleb's birthday is April 11th, one day after the due date. For birthday celebration reasons I'm hoping for another boy. How do you pull off a girl/boy birthday party?
Onto Utah...Sunday after church we did a tour with Derrick's grandparents that included a house the Grandpa Isaacson built, a house that Great Grandpa Isaacson built, a house that Great Grandpa Spencer built, a cemetary visit (very windy) and some touching stories about family history.

Okay, I was AWFUL at taking pictures. Lisa took some that I will try get after she gets settled in at BYU.
Monday: Isaacson Family 5k. I jogged the whole time!
Tuesday: Temple Square--we went into the Salt Lake Temple while Paul watched Caleb, had a Cafe Rio picnic, Caleb got soaked in the reflection pool, ate some Hatch Family Chocolates.
Wednesday: Bowling at BYU, dinner in Provo (my mom and brother James joined us), visit to Gma and Gpa Isaacson's
Thursday: Intertubing down the Provo River (weather was perfect, water level was high and we even saw some beavers), bbq at a park near the river (my parents bro James and sis Jenna came too). We got this pic and video

Friday: 2002 Winter Olympic Center in Park City--zip line, alpine slide, watched professionals practice long jump down a watered turf on a mountain side and watch professionals ski down a ramp that led to a pool where they could practice twists and twirls in the air before landing in the water. It was way cool!
Other fun things:
-Caleb fell in love with his grandparents. They were the ones that took him to do fun things so naturally he wanted them more than Derrick and me. The grandparents: let Caleb help in the garden, put him in the kiddie pool, played with him on the slide and swing, took him to the park and much more. Here's Caleb in the garden:
-THE BEST THING was that I didn't have to take care of Caleb much for a full week of morning sickness. I was so glad they loved Caleb (and me) enough to let me rest. Lynne would even make me warm breakfasts in the morning since cereal doesn't sit well with me. Derrick would make my lunches for me and get me whatever I asked for. It was a blessing!
-We played a lot of favorite card game
Overall, it was a good trip. Back to normal life.


a.b.c said...

Congratulations! That is very exciting. Sorry I won't be just down the road to help out if needed.

Angie said...

Congratulations! What great news for you guys.

I was 8 or 10 weeks pregnant when we went out to Utah for my brother's wedding, and we didn't tell anyone until the wedding was over (three or four days later), to not steal the show from the newlyweds. I wish we had said something the second we got picked up at the airport! It was super hard going through days of driving and shopping and playing and not being able to lay on the couch and nap without looking obvious. Ug.

Cassie said...

What! Congratulations, I cannot wait to see another Isaacson baby with incredible eyes. I hope you have a super easy first trimester--no morning sickness!