Monday, August 9, 2010

Some Cute Things to Remember

Talking to my family last night I realized there were a lot of things Caleb has been doing that I want to write down and haven't yet, so I'm doing it now.
1. One evening last week Derrick just came in the front door from work. He rested his bike on the wall and picked up Caleb while his helmet and sunglasses were still on. Derrick walked into the kitchen where I was doing last minute dinner preparations and Caleb immediately folded his arms and bowed his head. He knows when Daddy comes home it is time for prayer and dinner.
2. Caleb says "bye bye" to everything: when a truck drives by, when a bird flys away, when Derrick leaves for work or when people walk away from him.
3. Caleb will grab my keys and hand them to me when he thinks it's time to leave the house because he knows we bring them every time.
4. For a few days Caleb would point out the outside light fixtures next to every door in our apartment complex. He would point to each one fervently and say, "I, I" (light).
5. We are always playing in the car, it is Caleb's favorite place to play. I never taught him this but he knows that the key goes in the ignition and sometimes he actually gets the right key in it. How he knows the key goes there, I have no idea because I don't think he can see me do it from his car seat.
6. Caleb understands a lot of what we say here are a few of the phrases he knows very well:
-Do you want to brush your teeth (or wash your hands)? (he LOVES these two things and will run straight to the bathroom)
-Do you want breakfast (or lunch or dinner)?
-Where's your....cup, blue bear, blankie, hat?
-Let's wake up Daddy.
-Do you want to go outside?

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