Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Caleb's 1st Birthday

The wonderful guests:

My mom and I made banana cake with buttercream frosting. It was so yummy! I had my mom bring her cake decorating tools. I'm going to get my own sometime in the next year so I can always decorate my kid's cakes. Caleb did great with everyone singing to him.
After a little help with the first bite, Caleb ate that cake right up.

Check out the 39 cent banner and the cute kid with his Gram.

Caleb opened his presents after the guests left. He's really liked taking the pieces off of the puzzle.

Whenever my dad would play with Caleb he would growl at him and chase him and tickle him. The first day my parents were here Caleb was crawling away so fast and for so long that he was actually panting because he was out of breath. We have never seen that before.
Also, that same time when Caleb was being chased he was so worked up and scared/thrilled from my dad's growl that he screamed. We have never heard a scream like that before, ever. We wish so bad we had that on video.

Got milk? Now that Caleb is one, we're starting to feed him cows milk. Here's his first time drinking it:

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Tamra and Jeremy said...

Wow!!! ONE whole year already!!! Happy Birthday Caleb!!