Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Derrick's car is prone to anything bad. About 2 weeks ago Derrick got rear ended. We had a whole bunch of trouble with the other person's insurance and after making many trips to the mechanic we finally got our car fixed and back together again on Friday. So why wouldn't this happen two days after we got the car back?
Yesterday morning Caleb and I walked out to the car with Derrick, who was on his way to work, and that is what we found. I started balling. Do you remember a post I had a little over a year ago? Where this same thing happened? Of all the cars in the parking lot, ours was the one for this to happen to.
Well, on the bright side we knew exactly where to take the car to get it fixed and exactly how to file another police report. By 2pm that day the window was all fixed. We don't think we want to get another sound system because we are afraid this will just happen again. *sigh
On the other bright side we still have this beautiful little boy who is healthy and happy:

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Cassie said...

UGH!!! How frustrating! We had our van rear-ended in a parking lot while I was grocery shopping. It was a hit and run and has been a big pain to get taken care of.

At least you have an amazingly adorable little boy to cheer you up.