Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Now and Then

Here's me now:

Here's Derrick 2 years ago:

Inability to walk:
Danielle 1 1/2 days
Derrick 4 weeks

How it happened:
Danielle: Tripped on edge of sidewalk
Derrick: Falling down stairs while moving.

Derrick wins for more bruising and injury!!!

That was the summary. Here's my full story.
On Monday night we were walking back into the apartment building and I slipped on the edge of the sidewalk and sprained my ankle. Derrick carried me in the building and there was a pumpkin carving party in the lobby. They asked if we wanted a pumpkin and I did so even though I was in so much pain I still wanted Derrick to get it. So he set me down by the elevator, got a pumpkin and set that in the elevator. Then when we got to our floor he put the pumpkin outside the elevator, carried me into our apartment and went back and got the pumpkin. Thanks Derrick! You're the best!

Next we called the 24 hour nurse helpline and they said I should go in to see a doctor but since I could walk on my foot a little bit I decided to wait until the next day and see how I was doing. One bummer was that I couldn't have ibuprofen to help with the swelling because of a certain little someone inside me. That's ok baby, I still love you!

Tuesday I woke up and couldn't put any pressure on it whatsoever. So I made an appointment and we spent 3+ hours being checked by the doctor, getting x-rays and going to a pharmacy to rent crutches. I ended up having no broken bones and by Wednesday I could walk on my foot again but with a very noticeable limp. By tonight, Thursday, I'm almost walking normally. I'm so grateful for everyone who prayed for me because I had no idea how I would handle work on Wednesday. But I got through that day fine and I am feeling significant improvement--even though it still looks pretty bad.

Extra, Extra
Here's another one of Derrick photos. His injured leg looks like it's part of a dead mans body.

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brenley said...

first of all, poor poor you! that is no fun having to limp around and not take pain medication for such an injury. second of all, poor poor derrick! those pictures are sooo sad looking! ouch!