Sunday, October 26, 2008

Date Night

On Friday Derrick was interviewing at Oracle all day. On his way home that night I called him and he said that he wanted to put aside homework for a night and take me out on a date. I was so excited because since he's started up school again he hasn't had much time for anything but an occasional clip of some tv show or the news, and that's usually while we're eating dinner. We decided to go to Maggiano's Italian restaurant. We went there for my birthday this year and loved it and we knew we had to go back. We got lost on the way there, couldn't find parking for about 15 minutes and then had to wait for a table for over a half hour. Being pregant and hungry don't go well with each other so while we were waiting for a table we went and got a milkshake to split. As Derrick's grandpa says, "Life's short, eat dessert first." The wait was worth it though, when we ate the fried zucchini I felt like I was in heaven.

When we got home we watched about a half hour of Lord of the Rings and went straight to bed. It was a long week for both of us (I worked all 6 days this week!!!). Thank goodness it's Sunday.

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