Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yosemite Trip

We just got back yesterday from a 4 day trip to beautiful Yosemite. The first day there we drove around the valley floor and did an easy hike to Lower Yosemite Falls. There was no water this time of year but it was still a nice hike. We also stopped at the visitors center and planned out what we wanted to do on the trip.

Since we stayed in cabins that had electricity we brought our lap top and watched movies at night. That was always a relaxing ending to activity filled days.

On the second day there we went on a hike to see some big sequoias. Here's one that people can walk through.

This is crazy too. One of these trees fell down and you can see the roots and how broad the base is.

After that hike we drove and stopped at Tenaya Lake. I couldn't believe how clear the water was everywhere we went. Later on in the day, on our way back, this is actually where we stopped, made and ate our dinner.

The next adventure of the day was a picnic lunch and then another hike up to Dog Lake. There we saw frogs and deer. Derrick skipped rocks and I actually caught on video him getting like 10 skips in a row. The only thing is that I was holding the camera sideways and we haven't figured out yet how to rotate a video so maybe when we figure that out we'll put it on here :)

Thursday was our big hike. We didn't go all the way to Half Dome but we went half way and saw two waterfalls. The first was Vernal Falls.

Here's Derrick at the bottom pool of Vernal Falls.

This was what we climbed up for 2000 feet of elevation. Yeah, my legs were jello on the way down. I kept praying they wouldn't forget how to work :)

The second waterfall was Nevada Falls. Here was the view from the top. I swear all of this looks better when you're actually there.

That night we were planning on going to the Awahnae hotel dining room for dinner that night until we got there and saw that each plate was like $50. Yeah, that's not in our budget. We heard it was pricey but we didn't know it would be that much. We ended up going to Yosemite Lodge's sit down restaurant. It was great food and more reasonably priced.

We didn't take any pictures the last day but we just biked around the valley floor and then headed home. I had episodes of sickness everyday we were there (I even threw up the morning we went on our big hike) but luckily I was able to do the activities we wanted. Derrick is really helpful and understanding. I'm very grateful for that.


brenley said...

what a fun trip! i have wanted to go to yosemite for some time but we haven't gotten around to it. maybe once our little shelley is a bit older - until then, i'll have to live vicariously through your pictures and stories;D

Cecy said...

That hike does look intense! I'm sorry you aren't feeling perfectly well, but it looks like you had a great time. The pictures are beautiful!