Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lucky Baby

At 11 weeks pregnant our baby is already getting lots of love. First, for our 1 year wedding anniversary Derrick's gift to me and the baby was a stuffed animal lamb that plays sounds for the baby to sleep to. I've already decided that I want a lamb themed nursery and Derrick knew that will be perfect for it.

Second, my grandparents sent us a nice card and some money for the baby's first piggy bank. Invest that now and by the time he or she reaches retirement it could be a lot of money :)

Third, today in the mail we just got a package from Derrick's family. They sent little onsies with great pictures on them. Two BYU shirts (yep, our kids are going to grow up cougar fans), the Simpsons, Dwight from The Office and a Dilbert.

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