Sunday, August 24, 2008


Right now we're putting together Derrick's missionary scrapbook. Our living room is a mess because of it and so far we're only on Transfer 2 but Derrick's really happy we're finally organizing his memories.

See the mess :)


brenley said...

i LOVE your blog! yeah for blogging!:) i just added you to our blog (not sure if i did that before). you two are such a cute couple! i'm impressed with your mission scrapbooking dedication (i need to do that for justin and me - someday;D). that will be so nice to have!

toddkmack said...

We love the blog. We've been total slackers with ours, but we're thinking about you a lot and are really excited to move back to PA soon. Hope all is well. Today we're going to have a big 2 1/2 birthday bash for Kimball so that he can be with his cousins. We'll put some pictures of it up on the blog.
Todd & Betty