Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day and More

Caleb had a preschool Valentine Day where he decorated a bag, worked on the letter V, wore red and gave out valentines. At the same time as preschool a friend in the ward put together a Valentine party for the little kids, which was so nice for Brynn because she can be envious of the fun things Caleb does. We brought a paper covered shoe box to decorate--Brynn loved stamping the best. There was a cake walk and sugar cookie decorating. While we were walking in the church building Brynn said, "I'm so excited for our Valentine party." It makes me so happy to see the kids excited for things.
Derrick brought me flowers, I found a used grill for Derrick that he is so excited to use. The kids made Derrick a Valentine, Caleb made me one. There was just a lot of fun with Valentine's Day this year.
A funny story is that I asked Brynn if she would be my Valentine. She responded, "I'm not a Valentine." So I asked Caleb if he would be my Valentine. He agreed with Brynn by saying, "People can't be Valentines." It was fun to explain a Valentine can be more than a card.
On a non-Valentine notes:
Caleb has been loving jokes. He asks Derrick and I to tell him a joke every night. We are amazed at how many good jokes we can find online but Caleb hasn't learned the meaning of the punchline yet, even when it comes to concepts as simple as ducks. For example: what time do ducks wake up? At the quack of dawn. Yeah, a 4 year old has not heard the term "crack of dawn" yet. Makes it tricky but I've become pretty good at making jokes up to cater to his mind.
On a Caillou episode Caillou and his dad made a rocket ship and Caleb asked if we could do it. Derrick was so sweet and took time to make it with him. The kids have loved playing in it.
I also finished this dress for Brynn. It looks ten times cuter in person. I love it! Brynn was a great model.

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