Monday, August 6, 2012

The Grand Piano Story

We got up Saturday morning and decided to go to the case lot sale at Macey's. For those of you outside of Utah a case lot sale is where they sell a whole box of canned food for a discounted price, and Macey's is like the cheapest grocery store around.
So we were headed down Lehi Main Street and we start seeing signs "Piano Sale." Derrick suggested we go. I kept telling him no because we've looked at pianos before, we never buy anything and I hate getting pressured to buy. Also, I hadn't showered that day yet and was in work out type clothes. But since Derrick was driving he pulled in to an elementary school, where the signs led us. We saw men in in nice clothes walking in, then I really didn't want to go. Derrick persisted and I went.
The men in suits were the salesmen, so I felt better. I tried out a few of the pianos but what could I say, I didn't think we were going to get one so I didn't say anything.
We ended up finding out that the sale going on was done by a non-profit organization called Pianos For Students Society. They give pianos to schools to use for a year. At the end of the year, they sell the pianos. The schools get the benefit of having nice pianos, the company gets the benefit of having the school help promote the sale.
We found out that because of the program, 40% of the price was tax deductible so the other 60% is the only part taxed. That really started to intrigue us. We were also told that the grand pianos were only used in auditoriums and were only used about once or twice a month.
We were there for about an hour when the guy running the whole thing gave us an awesome price of $9,500 out the door: after taxes, delivery, set up and tuning. I looked to Derrick and said I'd get it but it's up to him. We would be using our savings for my dream, not his of flying lessons or an F150. He said he wanted to get it.
We walked over to pay for the piano and the lady taking payments eyes bulged when she saw the price. She was sincerely shocked at the price they offered us. We really felt like we got a good deal.
Our piano is a Hamilton which is made by Baldwin. 5' 8" grand piano. It sounds and feels amazing. I am amused to know that it is worth more than both of our cars.

Since we brought it home Derrick is always asking me to play. He loves it just as much as I do and that made me feel so much better about getting it. It will be a well loved piano!

Here is a recording I made with my camera. It doesn't give the sound justice at all but I had requests so here it is. The song is the 1st verse of an arrangement I did of Homeward Bound. I'm really bummed though because the original songwriter isn't giving out permission to distribute sheet music of other arrangements. This is one of my prettier pieces and I feel sad every time I think I'll never be able to let other people have it. Sorry, little tangent there.


Cherish said...

Just saw your post on FB and found your blog. Hope that's okay. :) I LOVE your new "baby"! And I admire your talent so much!

Danielle said...

Totally okay Cherish! We love it too. Now we just hope those fires behind our house don't burn our house down with our new piano in it!

Callie said...

This. Is. AWESOME!!! I'm so excited for you, Danielle! Happy Playing!