Thursday, July 12, 2012

San Diego Trip

What a fun 8 day trip to San Diego Caleb, Brynn and I had. We got there July 3rd, in time for James' commissioning. He is headed to medical school through the military and will be with the navy. That was a special event to be at, very touching. There was so much support there: family, friends, ward members and even a high school teacher (Mrs. Bagg-Rizzo). My Grandpa Jim even present James with the sword he had from 53 years back when he was in the navy.
 The next day was the 4th of July and we did the traditional Coronado parade, BBQ and fireworks.

The next day we all went out to Yogurt Mill, our favorite El Cajon frozen yogurt spot :)

We also celebrated James' 24th birthday that night!

On Friday we headed up to Huntington Beach and got a cousin picture (Andrew isn't in it because he wasn't there yet and James had to leave for the airport).

Then on Saturday was Jodie and Brent's wedding! In the morning we took the kids to the park to get out their energy before the wedding.
The reception was really fun. We ate, danced and had fun being with family. Here is Brynn getting her groove on (she's got my genes for sure!)
Me and my best cousin growing up. Fun times we had together! She was so pretty:

Sunday we went to church and the ward we went to was a family ward mixed with a single's ward. I had never seen that before. We sat in the back (a lot of singles were back there). There was a single girl who told me Brynn was so cute and she played peek-a-boo with her. I could see her yearning to have a baby of her own. I was totally that girl when I was single. It was good to see that because life with kids can be so frustrating and hard! I do terrible on little sleep, can't concentrate at church because I'm just trying to keep the kids quiet, Derrick and I cannot go on dates whenever we want to, I can't get to the gym very often and a hundred other things. It is good to open my eyes and realize I would much rather be a mom that makes sacrifices rather than not have my babies. They do make me happy and are so lovable.
After church we had our traditional bean bag tournament. Pop-pop and I were a team and we got second place! (I made the skirt I'm wearing in this picture)

Sunday night we headed back to SD. We took the kids to the beach on Monday and Caleb couldn't have had more fun. He loved making sandcastles and filling up the watering can and emptying it in a pile. He did this over and over again. It was pretty cute. Brynn loved the water, and squishing her fingers through the wet sand.

The last day there we went to Santee Lakes and played in the splash pad, fed the ducks and played at the park.

The kids had fun and Caleb asked if he could stay at Gram's house. Brynn loved the beads lying around for the kitty. You will see in many of the pictures above she is wearing them, she put them on all on her own...she is totally a girl and I love it!

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