Friday, January 6, 2012

Caleb has said a few funny things lately:
1. Derrick's work provides dinner every night for the employees. If it doesn't get eaten, it gets thrown away so Derrick brings food almost every night. Once when Caleb woke up from a nap I told him daddy was at work. Caleb said, "Daddy go to work to get food." We think Caleb really thinks that is why Derrick goes to work.
2. Continuing with the food from work thing, once I asked Caleb what he wanted for dinner. He said he wanted pizza. I told him we didn't have pizza and Caleb responded, "Call daddy, he get some from work."
3. Caleb was watching the garbage truck gather the trash. A neighbor was bringing down her trash as the garbage truck was leaving our culdesak. Caleb yelled out, "Garbage truck come back! There's one more!"
4. I gave Brynn a toy measuring tape to play with on the floor. The next time I look over Caleb has the measuring tape and I ask him if he took it from Brynn. He said, "I give her octopus." Sure enough he did replace the toy he took. At least he's considerate when he wants a toy she's playing with.
5. We were trying to change Caleb's diaper and put on his pj's. He was more wiggly than normal (if that can be possible). We asked him if he could hold still and he responded, so sincerely, "I can't do it." I don't think there could be a truer statement.

On the Brynn front, she is sitting completely without support. She always has to be doing something, whether it is simply watching something interesting, playing with a toy, eating paper or trying to get her hands on whatever I'm working on. She isn't crawling yet but she sure wants to, it's in her eyes.

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