Saturday, October 8, 2011

These are the Days

I've been sewing again! I made a little outfit, headband and even booties (not pictured) for Brynn's 6 month pictures. We took those today and I will post them when we get them! Doesn't this dress look so elegant? I love it! (Thank you Pinterest for finding me a free pattern)

Thanks to a Relief Society activity at church I learned that it is ok to add spinach to smoothies. Caleb loves to make them and eat them:

Caleb picked up Brynn's blanket and said, "Bwinn blankie. Give to her?" I told him he could. He did this when he "gave it to her." (I asked him to do it again for the camera)

OH, and I forgot to mention Brynn is getting her two bottom teeth. I can't believe it. I was so excited with every new thing that happened to Caleb but with Brynn I don't want her to get bigger. I'm sad to see those new teeth coming in. Oh well. That's how time works I guess.

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