Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th

Caleb had a lot of fun running around with all the "kids," or so he called Derrick's younger cousins. Caleb sure ate like it was a holiday: 1 piece of hot dog, some fruit then he kept going back to the dessert table and ate like 6-7 cookies. As we were leaving he could only remember one thing though:

Here's a short video of Brynn:

When we got home we did a few little fireworks since Caleb goes to bed before the sun goes down. This fireworks being legal in Utah is both cool and crazy in my opinion. I wouldn't be surprised if someone in the state blew off a hand yesterday. Anyways, here's Caleb with his sparkler:

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Christina said...

The sparkler idea is a good one - he doesn't even know different things are going on that night. And his video talking about Brynn's outfit is cute. Glad to see you all are doing well!