Sunday, January 23, 2011

In Dad's Shoes

Caleb loves walking in our shoes, literally. Here is one occurrence that happened yesterday.
Caleb has also learned a new trick that we aren't as fond of. He can now climb up on our tall bed. As soon as he figured out how to do it he was so proud of himself. The only thing is that he can't get down by himself. Let's hope we can keep him safe!
I also wanted to post about a Caleb characteristic. Caleb is friendly. He says "hi" to almost everyone he sees. Whether he's in his stroller on a walk, notices someone across our apartment complex or passes someone that looks at him in a store.
We went to Baja Fresh for dinner and Caleb was dancing in his high chair to the music playing. Two ladies at another table noticed him and Caleb said "hi". He kept dancing for them and smiling and just being adorable. As the ladies were walking out one said, "He has a great personality." I hope he keeps up the friendliness because I know it can be of great worth in the future!

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