Friday, June 25, 2010

Trip to San Diego

Derrick and I wanted to go to San Diego sometime this summer so we decided to come for my sister Jenna's high school graduation.

We met my grandma and grandpa for lunch one day at the Coronado golf course restaurant.
Everyone loved Caleb

Here's my attempt at trying to keep Caleb happy in the car, it worked for a few minutes. Since Caleb had a hard time sleeping at night he would be a bit cranky in the car so I had to pull out all my tricks to get him to be happy.
With the sleeping, my dad would be up with Caleb, not me. He said since it was our vacation he would watch Caleb, how nice!
He even did the grilling on Father's day. We had steak and it was yummy!

Another really cool thing we did while there was visit the newly renovated Mormon Battalion. I couldn't believe how neat it was. You would go from room to room and it was like you were traveling with them through their journey. There would be videos in each room explaining different part of their trek. And the tour guide made it really fun. Caleb was entertained the entire 35 minutes of the tour!
I have to write my favorite part of their story. At one point on their journey many men were getting really sick and so they had to stop at a town (Pueblo, which is a town in modern day Colorado) that they didn't intend on stopping at. At this location they learned how to irrigate fields and other useful information for living in the desert. These same men that learned these skills were the ones that helped settle in the Salt Lake Valley. Were it not for their stopping at Pueblo, the pioneers would not have known how to adequately survive in the desert. Amazing.
At the end of the tour there was a place to pan for gold, since these people from the Mormon Battalion were there when the first gold of the California gold rush was found. Caleb loved playing with the water. I would definitely recommend this tour if you are in San Diego, especially if you have kids.
We actually forgot our camera but it was ok because they have a place to take a picture where they print a copy out for you and you can also e-mail it to yourself. Pretty cool!

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