Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So Many Milestones

I was looking at Caleb's baby calendar this morning. It's one of those where you put stickers on that have all the firsts written on them and also vacations, doctor visits, etc. As I was looking at the stickers to see if I had any new ones to put up, I realized there were three things that happened all within a week of each other.
1. Caleb is now sitting up. He can do it for a pretty long time too. He'll stay sitting until he starts reaching for something and then he falls. In this video we're singing one of Caleb's favorite songs. He also likes the song 5 Little Monkeys. As soon as I start to sing them, even if he's crying, he will just smile.

2. Caleb is now eating vegies. He's tried green beans and sweet potatoes. He really likes the sweet potatoes. The green beans he'll eat but he never really gets into them like he does the potatoes and cereals he eats.
3. Caleb fed himself a bottle. We were at our friend's house for dinner on Sunday night and Caleb was sitting in his car seat while we were eating. He started to get fussy so I gave him a bottle. He fed himself which left me to eat with our friends and Caleb stayed happy.
4. Caleb has been able to roll for a while now but this will show you how far he's come:

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