Saturday, September 26, 2009


I think Caleb actually might be teething now because he's been a little extra fussy lately. Derrick was watching Caleb while I was out and Derrick said that the only thing that would sooth Caleb is when he was chewing on something. When it was time for bed Derrick put Caleb down after feeding him and letting him suck on an empty bottle for a while. But when I got home Caleb was moaning in his crib. It wasn't a hard cry like, "I can't fall asleep," it was a moan like, "Help me out of this pain." So I picked him up and nursed him to sleep. I am not looking forward to more of this.
Here's a cute happy picture of him (I love his little tongue):

This video is from last Sunday morning.

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Cassie said...

I am baby sitting the Jarvis kids tonight. Their baby loves to play the piano too! All those black and white keys must look pretty attractive to a baby.